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How we rank services3 min read

March 24, 2020 2 min read


How we rank services3 min read

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We understand that the ranking/reviewing sector is full of bias fake reviews targetted to mislead you and give you false information to make a profit, here at Hosting Repo we take pride in knowing all of our reviews and statistics we produce are based off facts, evidence, and honesty. All of our reviews are triple checked for incorrect data twice by two different developers.

We also have a Swedish review website. In Swedish web hosting is called webbhotell, and over there we also list the best web hosting but in Swedish and with Swedish companies. Check it out!

With that said, let’s get into it!

1. We review the features and the cost

Every web hosting company has its pros and its cons, most of the popular features we look out for and review are:

  • Pricing
  • Domain options
  • Renewal cost
  • SSL options
  • Load time
  • Resources
  • Refund options
  • Software
  • Uptime

2. We buy a new domain name for testing

Every time we review a web hosting provider, we first buy a new domain name that is associated with a certain host.

For example, when reviewing HostUp web hosting and VPS hosting service we bought a new domain name from porkbun.

3. We register a real account with the web hosting provider

When we have our domain name we register a real account through the hosting companies client page, generally, we choose their most budget-friendly plan which tends to be a shared plan, in some cases we will review higher performance-based plans.

Shortly after, we can set up our nameservers to link our domain to the server.

4. We test and review core hosting components

When our WordPress website is ready, we first test the website using bitcatcha to get the general response time under idle mode.

We test the stability of the server by installing and customizing multiple large themes and other PHP based software at once.

We test the websites load performance using our developed tool called RepoTest which is developed in-house, our tool utilizes CPU and RAM to give us a performance grade which will be integrated into each review we make.

We also tend to set up Pingdom which allows us to monitor the website’s uptime, responsiveness and speed in short intervals for the month.

5. We test and review the customer support

Most of the time web hosting companies offer support via a ticket system or sometimes live chat.

The key element to good customer support is how quickly they can help when your website is down, that is the most important factor, another big factor is how accurate the answers are.

We perform two safe simple tests which inquire downtime to test how long it takes for the customer support agent to repair or rollback our website/domain/SSL

6. We develop and write a report

Using everything we learned from monitoring to refund options we develop an in-depth review outlining all the pros and the cons.

Thank you for reading, you have any more questions regarding this process feel free to contact us!

Our future categories:

  • Top ten best web hosting
  • Top ten best VPS hosting
  • Top ten best shared hosting

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